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ON Semiconductor supports university research program in Pennsylvania

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) occupations are not only near and dear to our hearts; they are also expected to rise at least 10% over the next decade.  This is hardly shocking news considering they permeate every aspect of our daily lives from medical research and infrastructure improvements to the communication device you’re probably reading this article on.  At ON Semiconductor, we are proud of our diverse and robust giving program led by the ON Semiconductor giving program. But even more so, we value and appreciate the eagerness children display when they participate in hands-on, real world applied learning exercises.  We champion research and scientific discovery for all ages and we, quite literally, put our money where our mouth is.

ON Semiconductor is elated to partner with Misericordia University to help fund water quality and biodiversity research programs.  Misericordia University is a private, liberal arts institution, with a focus area in STEM education, located in Dallas, Pennsylvania.  In 2018, the University partnered with Lehman Sanctuary, a 17-acre property that engages and educates students and the community with nature, to create the “Language of Water: A Forest to Classroom First” program.  The program provides the opportunity for primary, secondary and higher education students to study and understand water quality, the impact it has on organisms and ecosystems, the critical importance of wetlands, the necessity of wetland conservation, and how environmental scientists measure the health of wetlands ecosystems.  Misericordia University and Lehman Sanctuary recently won a NEPA Environmental Partners Award for their “The Language of Water ” project.

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